I am always interested in working with undergraduate/masters/PhD students as well as industries. Please feel free to drop me a line if you want to discuss science.

Research Opportunities

  • experimental and theoretical nanofluidic investigation of long-range interaction between misfolded protein and nanoribbons.

  • investigating long-range interaction between misfolded protein and nanoribbons using density functional theory.

  • confined molecular diffusion - bridging the gap between molecular and macroscopic length scales.

  • mechanics of artificial macromolecules - bridging the gap between molecular and macroscopic length scales.

  • In Leiden and Nijmegen

    • nanofabrication of electrostatic trap and modelling of confined diffusion of nanoparticles.

    • developing tiny dark-field optical scattering setup for high magnetic field.

    • modelling of persistent current in nanoparticles and magnetic behaviour of nanoparticles.

I am an Overleaf Advisor. As an author, I use Overleaf always. Overleaf is a state-of-the-art text processing platform of advanced manner. It gives an unparalleled dimension of collaborative writing. Please drop me a line if you have any LaTeX or Overleaf related questions. If you are in Cambridge or Leiden and want to organise an Overleaf workshop, please do let me know.


Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

Centre for Mathematical Sciences

University of Cambridge

Wilberforce Road, Cambridge CB3 0WA, UK

Maxwell Centre, Cavendish Laboratory

University of Cambridge

JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge CB3 0HE, UK

Single Molecule Optics Group

Huygens Laboratory

Leiden Institute of Physics

Niels Bohrweg 2

2333 CA Leiden

The Netherlands


Physics of Light in Complex Systems

Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science

Princetonplein 5

3584 CC Utrecht

The Netherlands

Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Imaging for Biophysics and Complex Systems

IIIrd Institute of Physics - Biophysics and Complex Systems

Friedrich-Hund-Platz 1

37077 Goettingen, Germany