Open Academic Research

We have recently started a new initiative called Open Academic Research for high school, undergraduate, and masters students. For more updates please visit OAR.

Maxapiens: Physics of Health

Maxapiens is a futuristic centre for artificial life with nature-inspired nanoengineering innovations to accelerate the sustainable world. We develop a series of molecule processors and nanotechnology-driven artificial robots and create sustainable advanced platform of know-how for molecular engines.

ICeNd: Where ice ends and water begins?

ICeNd is a newborn startup with an ambition to be the next generation leader in artificial lives (AL). We created sub-25 nm nanofluidic channels, quantum materials, and physics-driven AI as building blocks of artificial lives.

Third Infinity: Physics of Biological and Complex Systems

We started an international conference during our  Göttingen days. This  complex conference of bringing multidisciplinary speakers and audiences is being conducted since then. For more updates please visit TI.

Academic voice

I think this cannot be a short paragraph. I have many things to share. Hence, I created a separate page on 'Academic Counseling'.

Teaching is liberation

Bad teachers are criminals - If I may paraphrase Professor Walter Lewin! 

Light in tiny space creates variety of non-intuitive phenomenon. During my doctoral studies in Goettingen, every year I used to give a course (designed by me) to PhD students where I discussed these beautiful effects.

A latest outline of the course: Optics in micrometre scale and nanometre scale.

Do you know we can write or draw small features such as 10,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair?

Nanochannel: An electron-beam lithography and reactive ion etching generated structure.

Source: Single-molecule confinement with uniform electrodynamic nanofluidics